Want to watch and listen to UK TV and radio channels abroad?

Movistar with Benefits, through our sister company (Fever-Pitch) offers a four day free trial* to try both our standard and HD service.
Compare the quality of the streaming from our servers in the UK with a dedicated bandwidth.
1.1MB is the minimum for the standard channels, 3.2MB for HD quality.
We offer various pricing plans to suite your needs from pay as you go to receiving a discount for multi-month purchases.
*For more about our free trial please read our FAQ’s.

IPTV pricing plans

Time Standard service HD service
1 month €19.99 €25.99
6 months €119.94 €109.99 (€18.31 per month) €155,94 €142.99 (€23.83 per month)
12 months €239,88 €199.99 (€16.67 per month) €311.88 €311.88 €259.99 (€21.67 per month)

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