Below is the 4 step process to register for UKTV.


1.) If you do not have a UKTV box and would like to purchase a pre-configured Mag250 from us for just 115€ please do so here.

2.) To begin watching Fever-Pitch’s UKTV service you need to register through our portal


3.) Create an account if you don’t have one with a username (your e-mail) and password.




4.) Once logged in, simply click on the ADD STB button and enter your MAC Address of your STB (colons, uppercase letters). There are instructions using the button “How to Add our Service to your STB” if you don’t know how to do this.




If you are using your own MAG box (not one purchased from us) add our portal URL ( onto your STB and start watching the more than 100 channels of your Fever-Pitch UK TV service.


Any problems please fill out this form and we will gladly assist you

Kind Regards

Movistar with Benefits Team