Landline phone setup


To enable the voicemail service in Spain in English, you need to first pick-up the receiver and dial *10#, before hanging up the phone.

Then pick up the phone again and listen to the dial tone until a voice cuts in after a few seconds. You will be told (in Spanish) whether or not you have messages.

  • “Tienes un, dos… mensajes nuevos.”
  • “No tienes ningĂșn mensaje nuevo.”

To change the answerphone into English, follow these instructions:

  1. Pick up the phone and wait for the automated message to start.
  2. Press ‘1’ to access the language change mode
  3. Press ‘4’ for English (there are several other languages to choose from)
  4. Enter your personal PIN code (initially set to ‘0000’ until you change it)
  5. Press ‘3’ , press ‘1’, then finally press ‘1’ again to make the changes take effect, and hang up the phone

Test that you’ve changed it correctly by picking up the phone and making sure it’s now in English.

To check if messages have been left for you, pick up the phone and wait for the voice message to tell you that you have a message. You hear the message, and then need to press

1. to hear it again
2. to save it
3. to delete it
0. to exit

If you’re on the phone and someone else tries to call you but can’t get through, they might leave a message. If this is the case, the phone will ring once after you hang it up to let you know that there’s a message waiting for you.

Now you’ve got the service in English, access the voicemail and press 1 to hear the options for what you can do.

  • First, you’ll want to record your own message for the answering service.
  • Secondly, we suggest that you change your access code from the default 0000 to another number.

You need to change this to enable the facility to access your messages when you’re not at home.

Upgrading/ canceling service

Existing Movistar account holders must call 1004 in Spain and request “English speaking” with their Movistar account information to upgrade or cancel their current services

  1. Call Movistar Customer Service: 1004 (free when calling from any Spanish landline or mobile – 24/7)
  2. Please wait for the automated message in Spanish to end and then repeat “English Speaking

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